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All rights are reserved for the Karima Al Ola Charitable Foundation, and all information, film materials, and read, audio, or visual training guides published on the various pages of this site are fully owned by the Karima Al Ola Charitable Foundation, whether that information is published for the purposes of introducing the organization’s activities or promoting and documenting. Note that all this information is subject to legal protection under international agreements regarding the protection of rights to websites and literary and artistic works, as well as under all agreements that protect copyrights and the rights associated with them, and also under Egyptian Law No. 82 of 2002 regarding the protection of intellectual property rights. Site visitors may only review, view, copy or translate the information contained on this site for the purposes of study and scientific research or for the purpose of personal knowledge and are not entitled in any way to sell it or use it for commercial purposes. As an exception to this, it is not permissible, under any circumstances, to copy or quote any photographs on this site without obtaining written permission from the Karima Al Ola Charitable Foundation to do so. In all cases, the organization’s moral rights must be respected by referring, upon any use of the information contained on this site, to the “Karima Al Ola Charitable Foundation” as the source and owner of that information, by referring to the site address (URL) of the relevant article. . In the event that large parts of the site are copied, quoted, translated, or otherwise used for purposes other than commercial, prior written permission must be obtained from the Karima Al Ola Charitable Foundation, and any requests or inquiries must be directed to the Foundation in this regard through the communication channels. contained on this site or contact the hotline 19967.